Episode 27 – Wailing your Wench Offshore

We get all Med evil… err Middle Ages on these craft beers!

Beers: Wailing Wench, Dragonslayer, Druid Fluid, Offshore Amber Ale, Offshore IPA

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Show Notes
Middle Ages Brewing | sickpuppy exposes Angie Everhart for being a strung out crackwhore | Wailing Wench | SIDT Brainstorming | Dragonslayer Imperial Stout | Sheetz beer selling saga | Spoon lays the smackdown on Neverending Story | bad 80’s movies reviews | Druid Fluid | Kilt Tilter News | Offshore Ale Co. | Offshore Amber Ale | Offshore IPA

Middle Ages Brewery | Wailing Wench | Neverending Story | Dragonslayer Imperial Stout | Druid Fluid | Kilt Tilter | Offshore Ales Co. | Offshore Amber Ale | Offshore IPA | SIDT Store | Pictures from this episode!

Things we learned
Good beer should be expected from people who live in snow 15 months out of the year. The SIDT guys are a plethora of useless knowledge.

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