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  1. James Hicks says:

    Hey Guys, Just listening to your show as I drink my morning coffee here at North Country Brewing Production Brewery and world headquarters. We received our canning line at the beginning of August from a fine small brewery in Montreal Quebec. We have a tech coming in to help us work on it today and are in the final stages of prototyping with our can manufacturer. We are anticipating our cans should hit the shelves at the end of Sept. and we should have draft ready around mid-Sept. We were held up a tad bit with label approvals from the TTB and also licensing with the state. Everything is moving along rapidly to get brewing soon.

    1. spoon says:

      That’s great news Jim! Anything we can do to help get the word out just let us know. Brad’s been dying to get back up there for some frog legs too!

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