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  1. Matt further proves what we all know – that brewers are some of the coolest people on the planet. They’re artistic, humble, and they appreciate the work of other artists who practice their craft. That’s why it’s a real pain in the ass to hear the amount of bureaucracy breweries have to deal with in order to serve their beer to the public. These regulations are not going to get looser – they’ll just get tighter. I applaud Matt, and brewers like Matt who take these things in stride and just continue to work their asses off to share their craft and passion with us.

    One of the reasons why jumping from homebrewing to professional brewing is so difficult is consistency. Homebrewers don’t necessarily HAVE to play by the rules. We can mash at whatever temps we want, add hops when we feel like it, ferment at ambient temps, and pay little attention to details. We have that luxury because we’re making 5 gallons of this beer, then moving on to the next one. Professionals like Matt have to be consistent or regular consumers of their beer will notice the inconsistencies in his product and may lose trust, and ultimately interest, in Voodoo Brewing.

    Bonus points for his intent on making in-house charcuterie. There are no tastier hot dogs than house-made dogs, especially from locally grown pork, beef, and lamb. I’d definitely join you in that ghost pepper dog challenge, Sick. We’re about to hit the Dynamite Challenge at Jitlada again soon. Another round of “Kasper the Unfriendly Ghost Pepper” tearing up your anus.

    Loved the show, guys. Matt’s a gem. We don’t get his beers out here in California do we? I don’t recall ever seeing it, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it now.

    1. spoon says:

      Matt’s beers aren’t in Cali but we’ll see about the Easter Bunny bringing you some 🙂

      I could listen to Matt for hours talk about brewing and he’s giving me reason to actually go to Meadville 🙂

      We love his beers. They’re consistently badass

      1. Matt says:

        You guys are awesome. I don’t know if that means much because I’m a big fan of “Jersey Shore”.

  2. spoon says:

    We can’t wait until his new place is open to we can go into a food and beer coma

  3. spoon says:

    I’m holding puppy to that. I want to see him eat that and chase it down with a Durian beer

  4. spoon says:

    you’re quite spiffy yourself

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