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  1. Great hearing you guys together again. Liked the easy banter back and forth. This might be your most energetic show in a while. Liked the new intro too.

    I’m very fond of Flying Dog – for both their beer, and their balls. These guys stood up to the state of Colorado when they tried to ban their labels (drawn by artist Ralph Steadman, known most famously for his work for Hunter S. Thompson, but also for work on other artwork for wineries here in CA). The “Good beer, no shit” slogan ruffled too many feathers, and instead of changing (which is something breweries with BALLS – like Stone – would never do), they told Colorado to fuck off and moved their business to Maryland. Sure, the equipment in Maryland was newer and gave them more space, but it was their principles that had most to do with it.

    I’m with you Spoon on what you said about beer styles according to the brewery. If the brewery says it’s “this style,” then it’s “this style.” People on these forums who say “No. It’s more like ‘this style.'” are blowing it out their ass. I think a professional brewer is far closer to the beer than some douche bag on a beer forum barfing out his opinion. We seem to have way too many opinions floating around, and not enough understanding of what brewers are trying to relay with their craft.

    And it wouldn’t be complete if Sick Puppy didn’t mention his “Durian Wheat” beer. Now it’s an episode. 🙂

    1. spoon says:

      I really like how the quality of this one turned out. With home life making it increasingly difficult to be in the same place together the online tools we’re using have really turned around for us.

      I’m waiting for Cooncat to chime in that he’s strictly BJCP and if its not its shit. Come on Bill, you know you wanna!

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