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  1. d00d says:

    Sorry to hear about the layoffs. Hopefully you’ll get jobs quickly. Enjoy the time off to brew!

    It’s funny when you started talking about the Christmas video. I had the Terra-Rye’zd beer (Left Hand Brewing / Terrapin collaboration) in my hand heading to the checkout! That would’ve been a little bit of a let down for you, although, your review of it would’ve been well practiced!

    Very enjoyable show. Thanks!

  2. Good show. Worth the wait. Keep ’em coming!

  3. Phil says:

    Nice collection of beers, dudes. Sounds like the brewery really has their shit together – which is nice to see. I’ve only had one Rye beer (Hop Rod Rye from Bear Republic). Sounds like a hot ticket.

    Loved the music – very appropriate. I’m sure you guys will land on your feet with no problem. If nothing else, it’ll leave you guys with more time to podcast, brew beer, and figuring out new ways to entertain us. 😀

    Nothing was funnier than listening to Spoon have a mouthgasm over that Mead. Honestly, I think he really liked it. I’ve not had too many meads that turned my head, but it sounds like the T.R.U.B. Gewurz hit the mark.

    Penn Brewing is getting a bad deal. Why did they raise their rent 300%? Sounds like they’re getting pushed out of there for one reason or the other.

  4. Madison Bill says:

    First off, sorry to hear that you guys are going where “most guys have gone before” … I know that I’ve been
    in the ranks of the unemployed a couple times. I can think of at least 3 silver linings to this potential cloud:
    1) Congress has extended unemployment benefits to at least 1 year
    2) No need to get up and drive in the snow for the Winter
    3) New jobs are usually more lucrative (provided you put in the effort during the job search)

    Rotten news about Penn Brewing. They brew some great brews. Their Weissens are 1st rate. Their St. Nick
    bock is always good at this time of the year .. will have to be sure to pick up a case. Hope that they find a
    sweet deal on a new and better place, and that a month after they are all moved out, karma sets fire to
    their old digs.

    Cheers, good luck, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Claire says:

    Thanks for the kind words, guys! I appreciate it and you’re definitely going to be involved next year. We’ll talk…

    The Shiver website is http://www.shiverpa.com. December 19th with a band called American Armada at Ruggers. See you there.

    See you both soon!

  6. *bah* for whatever reason i’m just NOW seeing updates in these comments. Yes, I suck I know.

    dood, I told sickpuppy that he better stock up on supplies so we have enough beer to get through the winter.

    Walt! thanks for stoppin by man! Everyone needs to go check out his site at http://www.waltribeiro.net he’s a crazy insanely talented internet music teacher!

    Phil, after we finished recording I knew you would love that part. It was seriously that freaking delicious!

    Bill, I’m getting into porn. I’ll let you know when the first movie drops. probably on You Tube.

    Claire, thanks for not killing me at Frackle last weekend.

  7. stingo says:

    Sorry to hear about your layoffs – hopefully you’ll find jobs sooner than later.

    The Terrapin beers sound great, so I’ll have to see if I can get them here.

    As for Penn Brewing, that is really unfortunate that their rent increase is that obscenely high. Hopefully they’ll be able to work something out and get back to brewing their own soon. (I have their Kaiser Pils on tap at home right now, and it’s really, really good.) But, since the Lion is the local brewery for me, I’m going to say/hope that the quality shouldn’t change once the Lion gets involved.

  8. Have you tried the Knight’s Head from Lion yet? It’s a series they came out with that is only $10 a case (well for now) and is actually good beer. We’ve had the belgian white, lager, pale ale and one other. Hell for $10 it’s worth a shot!

  9. stingo says:

    Nope, actually I haven’t. But at that price point, why not? Then again I’ve yet to try this year’s Steg Holiday Warmer from them (but I intend to take care of that tomorrow). A bit of a Lion update:Their current plan is to age some of the HW in oak barrels for next year’s Oktoberfest. Also, they’re going to be brewing the Liebotschaner Cream Ale again and will be racking their Steg Porter into sixtels (which I’m psyched about).

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