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  1. barb says:

    no video? what’s up w/that?

  2. Clarke says:

    Love the new intro song. Life is indeed too short to drink shitty beer. I love Imperial anything – porter, stout, IPA, pilsner. It’s a man’s drink – bold, hoppy, let’s you know you’re still alive. I didn’t know just how much I loved Imperial Stouts until I tasted as many as I could at the GABF. I don’t think I missed many.

    Didn’t Angie Everheart date Howard Stern for a while, right after he got divorced? She could be as annoying as she wants when you’re that hot. As for the label on that beer, whoever the girl is who posed for it deserves a cut of the profits. She’s smokin’.

    Spoon, your German is even worse than mine. It’s gotten to the point where I won’t even try to say something in German around Gonso. For as much as I make fun of his English, my German and/or Bavarian sucks.

    That Amber Red beer that tasted like vinegar must have had an infection. That’s what lactobacillus does to beer. Now, if it’s supposed to be a sour beer – you were in luck. 😀 They should charge extra.

  3. First off to anyone who downloaded the file and there was some clipping around the 1:01:04 mark I apologize. In fact you have what is now a “RARE” version of the EP.  Something got fucked up during uploading. We listened before posting and everything sounded fine. I just checked and it sounds like it should. If the copy you have does clip and you don’t want to download a new one… wait for EP28 then I guess 🙂

    Barb, check out our You Tube page and you’ll see 3-4 new vids we just posted. http://youtube.com/shouldidrinkthat None from this recording though which is probably a good thing 🙂

    Clarke, my German is as good as your English! I’m not sure where sickpuppy found that intro from but I’ll have to get him to chime in. Not sure if Stern ever dated her but that’s a downgrade for Angie if she did. the Amber was probably one of the most disgusting beers I’ve ever had but yet the IPA was very delicious.

  4. Clarke says:

    That kicked ass.

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