Should I Drink That was created in March of 2006 when Brad and Father Spoon realized a need for a craft beer review show that was aimed at educating and entertaining the everyday axis of evil (Coors, Bud, Miller) beer drinker and to show by example that you don’t have to be a stuck up snob to appreciate the finer qualities of craft beer.

The number one rule for the show is that no alcohol is EVER wasted. They hold true to their belief “Even if it’s crap, we drink it so you don’t have to!”. If they don’t like it, they chug it.

Brief History
The first show was released on May 5, 2006 (Cinco de Mayo) and has since grown a legion of fans world wide. As word of the show spreads, the SIDT guys have been featured on Pittsburgh Magazine, G4 Tech TV, Go Magazine, DRAFT Magazine, Zymurgy, Beaver County Times, WDVE, speakers at Podcamp Pittsburgh and penned a quarterly craft beer article for Flavor magazine and In September of 2009 SIDT passed the monumental 500,000 download mark,  broke 1,000,000 in December 2010 and passed 2,000,000 in 2012.

Known throughout many media circles as “Pittsburgh’s bad boys of craft beer”, Should I Drink That will remain committed to bring to you an informative and entertaining review of craft beer. We are your craft beer show!

One thing we enjoy doing is interacting with our fans. We are available on various social media sites so feel free to add us as friends and join our growing communities!

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Your host
Fr. Spoon Father Spoon hails from the port city of Erie in the Great Lakes region of Pennsylvania. Multimedia specialist by trade and connoisseur of craft beer by passion, spoon brings to the show a reformed Rolling Rock drinker’s point of view along with humor from his catholic upbringing which can only be told while wearing the appropriate collar. Spoon is a retired craft beer writer for and has contributed to various craft beer related publications. Follow his craft beer habits on Untappd
Favorite style of beer: Belgian Tripel
Brad Brad is a native of Butler PA and the guy that barstool legends are made from. There isn’t a craft beer that he’ll pass up, especially if you’re buying, and stunt that he can’t resist. He has a long career as a network engineer by day and homebrewer by night. After 8 seasons behind the mic, he has decided to see what life is like as a retired beercaster. Spoon paid tribute to his bestest beer buddy in EP 103.


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